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Worried about your debts?

Here's how to get excellent FREE Debt help

If you have a debt problem and are looking for help one of the most important points to understand is this -

Be very wary of debt management firms offering 'help'

The majority of these companies seem to prey disgracefully on people in debt in order to sell them expensive debt reorganisation and repayment plans.

Stay away from these firms, regardless of their slick sales pitches, unless -

  • You really know what they're selling, and
  • Are diligent enough to be able to spot and understand any small print tricks - sadly, the probabilities suggest there will be many

The next point to note is this -

The sooner you bite the bullet and confront your debts the quicker the mess can be cleared up and you can get on with your life. Obviously your debts aren't going away so burying your head in the sand only makes the problem worse and more expensive.

Banish those 'dark clouds'

There's also a hidden advantage to confronting your debt problem and getting some sort of plan in place -

the dark clouds that have been hovering over you will disappear

I know this for a fact because I've helped countless people with debt problems over the years, some of them serious, and this is one of the first things they tell me, and for some it can be a real life changer.......

Where to get Free debt help and counselling

If you've got a debt problem then my advice is to contact one of the free debt help organisations as they offer superb help for people struggling with debt and money problems.

In my experience the best is the National Debtline. I've advised many people to contact them and only ever hear good things, plus don't forget their advice is 100% free and unbiased.

The only problem with the National Debtline and the other free services is they're exceptionally busy so be prepared to be put on hold for up to 30 minutes when calling.

A good idea while you're on hold is to download their free help guides available on their website and start reading about the different strategies available to those in debt.

Watch out for the names!

Just to prove how sneaky some of the Debt Management firms are, many of them call themselves names which are similar to the free debt help charities.

Also, there are plenty of examples where their websites try to give the impression they're affiliated with the Government or a Government departments. Of course this is a lie.

If you are thinking of using a Debt Management firm - do the following
As I indicated above I'm no fan of the debt management industry but that's not to say there aren't some good guys operating in the market. The trouble is how to determine who's good and who's bad.

So if I was in talks with one of these firms this is what I'd do -

  • Get all the details of their plan together, including the all important numbers
  • Run this past a National Debtline Counsellor to hear their thoughts and if they can pick any holes in it

The advantage of this strategy is you'll be asking a trained debt Counsellor for their unbiased opinion, which is very important.

A suggestion: Never discount the importance of your Credit File
Chances are if you're in debt your credit file will have been trashed because at the bare minimum there will be plenty of late payment entries. Note, a credit file is often called a 'credit rating'.

So as part of your overall plan to recover from a debt problem make sure you properly understand -

  • What a credit file is
  • Why it's so important, and
  • Why a clean one offers you financial options, whether you choose to use them or not

We've got a detailed help and advice section on Credit Files and one of the first places to start is by downloading our free report -

Stop Press!
I've just come across another free debt Help charity and it seems to be getting some good press -

Remember the golden rule when it comes to getting Debt Help -

  • Pay money to a debt advisory firm and it's odds on you'll get ripped off
  • The better strategy is to seek help from a Debt Help charity as they will offer exactly the same advice (probably better in fact) than a paid firm

By using a paid firm you'll be paying twice, the first payment will go to the company you're in debt to and the second to the debt management firm.

Common sense says it's always a good move to cut out middlemen so by dealing with a Debt charity all money goes to repaying your debtors because the advice is 100% free.

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