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 Combat Credit Card Fraud:

Use a second Card

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Firstly, online security is a lot tighter than it was a few years back.

Secondly, the risks are actually tiny if you are sensible. Many of the stories we read about are nothing more than hyped examples of scare marketing.

These are promoted by companies with an interest in selling us some protection - perhaps anti-virus software, or the banks pushing ID Theft insurance.

Get a separate Credit Card for online purchases

But if you are still worried why not get another Credit Card with a much lower spending limit. Use the card just for online shopping.

Then a fraudster couldn't steal too much - even though the loss would probably be refunded by the Credit Card issuer. See Credit Card Fraud: Your rights and entitlement to compensation.

Personally I use a Vanquis Card just for this purpose.

  • It's Visa branded so is accepted across the world
  • Simple online application process
  • More information
Special note re Vanquis Credit Card application

Although it's normally very easy for people to qualify for this Credit Card there are certain restrictions -

  • You haven't applied for a Vanquis card in the last 6 months
  • You're able to verify your address (e.g. bank statements, utility bills, landline)
  • You're not in the midst of declaring bankruptcy
  • You're registered on the electoral role - See 'how do I get on the electoral roll'
  • You're 18+

If you fulfill the above then you should have no problems in qualifying for the card.

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