Learn to be a Financial Hunter - Not the Hunted

How To Find The Right

Equity Release Deal At The Best Price

Are you an expert in Equity Release?

Most people are not, and for this reason when you're thinking of taking a deal out you need a set of easy steps to properly guide you when researching the market.

So follow this guide, complete the 5 individual steps and you can easily become an informed and knowledgeable buyer, and when it comes to personal finance that's an enviable position to be in.

Your time = a profitable investment
I have made the guide simple and easy to follow. However, putting it correctly into practice will take some time although of course this does not have to be done in one go.

Think of the time you spend as an investment, because if you get the right Equity Release deal it can save thousands of pounds over the years.

Don't forget that for most people, at least those that don't take the time to research what they're buying, the Equity Release providers are the hunters - their customers the hunted. But anyone armed with the right knowledge and ready to ask the right questions can easily turn into the hunter with the providers becoming their prey!

This is important because although there are plenty of bad value Equity Release plans on the market at any one time there are also some good deals available. Believe me, if you read this guide and take the suggested action you will be able to find these deals and steer clear of the bad ones.

Important: This guide is for lifetime mortgages only
Equity Release is split into 2 different plans -
  1. Lifetime mortgages, where an initial sum is released, no repayments are made, but the interest bill gets added on to the loan. At a 6% interest rate the initial loan doubles every 11 years

  2. Home reversion schemes where you sell a proportion of your property, say 25%, to a home reversion company. No interest is charged but when the property is sold the company receives 25% of the sale price

95% of the equity release plans sold today are lifetime mortgages, so this guide is designed specifically for those and not for home reversion schemes. Having said that, most of the information and research strategies discussed on the following pages can also be used to research the home reversion market.

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