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How to find the best

Stocks & Shares ISA provider

This takes a little work and research but this exercise is well worth it because over the years it is possible to save a fortune in ISA fees and charges.

But saving money is not the whole picture, the key is what happens to the money saved.

For example -

  • The saving of £100 a year on management charges and general fees doesn't seem so significant
  • But what if the £100 is invested and the future returns compounded over many years?

Saving fees is especially important for Stocks & Shares ISA holders because many view them as excellent vehicles for long term investing, perhaps to help with a retirement income.

Our FREE ISA Guide concentrates on slashing and lowering charges
Cutting costs when managing investments, especially ISAs, is so important it's the foundation of our free ISA guide -

How To Easily Build, Manage and Run a Successful Stocks & Shares ISA

Don't make the mistake in thinking those in finance know what they're talking about, the vast majority of them are ordinary at best. But if they have one exceptional skill it's their ability to extract a never ending series of fees and charges from their customers base.

And as I indicated above all investors have a choice -

  1. To pay excess and unnecessary money to their brokers and fund managers, or
  2. Refuse to play by their rules - look to slash fees/charges and use the money saved for it's main purpose - to invest in the markets
To find the best ISA broker consider the following:
  • Setup Fees - Look for an ISA provider that doesn't charge a setup fee, and if they do ask for them to waive it. If they don't agree, look for another broker, there are many out there that will be hungry for your cash - See Secret 10 - Remember - you're in the driving seat - which is one of this site's 10 Secrets to Good Personal Finance

  • Discounted Commissions - The provider should offer discounted commissions, perhaps £10-£15 flat rate charge per deal. So whether I buy a small or large amount of stock I would only pay the same flat rate. The stamp duty of 0.5% will also have to be paid, which is a mandatory government tax

  • No inactivity fee - Some brokers will charge you a quarterly fee if you don't trade a specific number of times during that period. It is unnecessary to be pressured like this

  • Admin Fees - The lowest annual management fee (on the ISA account), this is sometimes called an Admin fee. Some brokers will waive this if your ISA investments are over £5,000

  • Flexible Account - The broker must offer access to all investment options, stocks, funds, ETFs etc. Steer well clear of any broker that limits your range of possible investments

  • Online Access - It is important to be able to access and deal on your account online
So who is the best ISA broker
Without doubt it's TD Waterhouse and I put my money where my mouth is because this is my ISA broker of choice.
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