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Spread Betting

2 brokers I recommend, and why

I'm have been an active trader in the markets for the last 15 years and so know the importance of a good broker.

For spread betting I've been using IG index for the last several years and have just recently opened an account with Core Spreads whose bid-offer spreads are very tight which can be a massive cost saving.

6 reasons why I like IG Index and Finspreads:
  1. Longevity - Both brokers have been in operation for over 20 years

  2. Financial security - Both companies have serious financial backing. IG at the time of writing is capitalised at £1.5billion and Finspreads is owned by Intercapital Private Group which in turn is owned by the billionaire financier Michael Spencer (one of the City's richest men. He runs one of the world's largest inter-dealer brokers ICAP)

  3. Software - Both have collectively invested millions in their online trading software (IG's software in my opinion has the edge but Finspreads is still pretty good)

  4. Onshore and UK regulated - Some spread bet companies operate offshore but why send your cash overseas when a UK firm will do the same job?

  5. Training - Excellent training courses and seminars are offered by the 2 firms

  6. The ability to trade at 10p a point when first starting out - This is a major advantage, let me repeat that - MAJOR ADVANTAGE. Far too much money is lost in the game of speculation by people risking too much money when first learning the game. Therefore the smart thing to do is to keep your losses small when starting out. I cover this important topic in far more detail via our free report - How to learn Spread Betting and prosper.

More details of their services on their websites -

Note: Finspreads was bought out by the spread bet broker City Index a few years ago so for all intent and purposes FinSpreads and City Index offer similar services.

Email me if you want to ask any spread bet questions

Feel free to email me if you want to discuss anything about these 2 brokers or spread betting in general.

Alex Green

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