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Who are we - What we think

The following appears on our Homepage, and it perfectly sums up the thinking of the site.
Unlike other financial websites LearnMoney is different because:
LearnMoney pays special attention to the negatives and costs of the different financial products that other websites may not mention
LearnMoney presents the true, entire picture rather than a glossy marketing "overview"
If you're armed with the right knowledge, you can evolve from being one of the financially hunted into a fierce financial hunter!
The content of the site is based on the following 10 Secrets of Good Personal Finance which are expanded in more detail on this link.

1. Financial education - a little goes a long way
2. Do your own research - it won't take long
3. Buy simple and flexible - you can't read the future
4. The internet - 4 reasons why it's your financial friend
5. Play banks and finance firms at their own game
6. Ask - there are no stupid questions
7. Protect your credit rating with your life
8. 10-30 minutes a week - all you need to be financially organised
9. Prioritise your personal finance - be good, not perfect
10. Remember - you're in the driving seat

How LearnMoney.co.uk works
The site is divided into two -
  1. Personal Finance help, and
  2. Investment and trading help

Since the start of 2009 the site has been totally rewritten. And in the next phase the 2 main goals for the site are -

  • Include more areas in the Personal Finance section, and
  • Use the site's analytics data to continue to improve, update, and more importantly to mould the site's future direction
Who is behind LearnMoney.co.uk

Alex Green, who started LearnMoney.co.uk and remains at its helm, comes from a financial services background having been a stockbroker for over 10 years. He decided to enter the internet world in 2003 and has worked on several financial sites before concentrating on LearnMoney.co.uk in 2007.

The site also employs a UK based researcher as well as a computer programmer based in Peshawar, Pakistan.

How the site is funded
The site runs both click through payment advertising as well as affiliate deals -
  • Click through payments - When an advert is visited the site earns a small fee
  • Affiliate deals - If a surfer clicks on this type of advert there is no initial fee paid but if he then signs up to a deal or offer the site receives a fee

Note - because of how Google's click through advertising works we don't always know who is advertising on the site but we do have the ability to block any advertiser. Should you feel an inappropriate company is advertising please email us and we'll look into your concerns and remove it if necessary.

Sorry, no link exchanges
We don't participate in reciprocal linking, the selling of text links, or other SEO (search-engine optimization) schemes. We prefer linking for editorial reasons to sites that we've found while researching articles.

We are also no longer accepting any guest articles.

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